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    职位描述 1、本科以上学历 2、2年及以上前端开发经验 3、能熟练使用常见类库或框架 4、善于web性能优化与前端效果的实现 5、熟悉react技术栈 职位要求: 1.有证券从业资格证 / 基金从业资格证优先考虑; 2.掌握各种前端技术,包括HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript等,js基础必须扎实; 3.对前端工程化有一定了解,深刻理解web标准,对前端性能/可访问性、可维护性等相关知识有实际的了解和实践,有移动端H5经验优先; 3.熟练使用react 全家桶,熟练使用react-hooks; 4.有基于Ant Design Pro搭建经验优先,基于Ant Design进行需求开发,有实际工作者优先; 5.熟练css预编译、后编译等工具,如less/sass/postcss等; 6.熟练使用echarts等图表,针对需求可以进行二次分装; 7.熟悉es6常用特性,熟悉组件化,模块化开发模式; 8.有使用lodash等 js库使用优先; 9.有webpack配置、优化优先; 10.熟练使用Gitlab进行项目代码管理以及版本控制,并遵循一定的流行规范,熟练使用git命令;

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    任职要求: 擅长编写电子音乐,擅长编写EDM(Electronic Dance Music)的优先。如不会电音,至少会1种DAW软件(digital audio workstation ),例如:FL STUDIO, Cubase5,Logic Pro, 薪资待遇:见面详谈 上班时间:自由 工作地点:武汉市关山大道创业街

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    招兼职剪接声音的人。一个声音(短则8分钟,长则30分钟) 要求:降噪,去除杂音,音量提高,去掉口癖(如这个、那个、额、长段空白、咳嗽等),笑声可保留。 输出声音格式要求:MP3,高音质,立体声,大小控制在50MB以内 ENGLISH A person who works part-time to cut the sound. One voice (8 minutes short and 30 minutes long) Requirements: Noise reduction, noise removal, volume increase, remove the mouth (such as this, that, forehead, long blank, cough, etc.), laughter can be retained. Output sound format requirements: MP3, high sound quality, stereo, size control within 50MB

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    ...completed the graphic design and graphic materials, to speed up the project that want additional resource to help us to code for HTML 5 pages. - Adaptive HTML for mobile devices - Multi- environment support(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - Expected 2.5 weeks to complete entire page development, 0.5 weeks for testing and fixing - Basic test from developer before releasing every build to us. Final acceptance test will done by us - NDA is needed before start sharing project infomation 目前我们正在开发一个餐厅订单后台处理的平台,需要另外一名freelance来加速HTML5的开发进程。 - 目前我们已经完成了页面额设计和PS素材的制作,开发人员可以直接使用。 - 自适应网页制作,尤其是针对不同的移动设备(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - 希望在两周半的时候完成页面的开发(希望每两两天提交代码,以便早点检查和反馈),大概3-5天做验收测试和问题修复 - 希望开发人员会做基本的自测,确保发给我们验收的内容有一定的质量。当然我们也很希望开发者可用提出一些专业的建议和意见 - 需要和我们签订保密协议,在项目...

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    Base on a Joomlashine Venture Pro template to build a basic multilingual website.

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    1.要封装好的、可以直接调用的代码 2.测量数值要准确,以三星s健康、Runtastic的Heart Rate Pro等心率测量app作为参照标准 3.测量时显示测量进度和心率波形,测量结束后显示出心率值(可参考Heart Rate Pro) 4.最好能提供源码 5.需在4月20日0:00之前完成任务,若有bug需要随时修正 联系电话:13521266613,价格电议

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    需要一篇写神学paper. final version of the assignment 还没有出来。但是需要阅读以下bible,写上自己的opinion

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    Use Auto Post Pro or similar plugins to set up the automatic news posts from about 30 different website feeds. Chinese language website. Auto Post Pro plugin already installed.

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    ...line and in real time. Moreover, if one softdog is used to play videos in two computers, we should be able to directly freeze its permission and terminate the playing. 7, The encryption dog can not be copied and cracked. Besides, it should have certain space for the later internal software upgrade so that we can add new function according to our demands. If it is cracked, it will not pass our final review....

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    ABOUT ODDSMAKER 已经结束 left

    If you have any questions after reading this, please ask me and do not assume you know what I need. Please follow these steps...the real-money graphic has a 'button' link to a 'pachinko' game. If in the future I find a rearranged 'real-money' graphic, I will need to send you a new screen shot at your required fee. 13. Upon your request, I will send screen shots of all the pages that are hit. These will be in 1280x768. I'll have to re-check this for you. 14. Once you feel you are ready to deliver the final product, run the program until virtual memory is reached. Take note of how long this lasted. I will run this on HP 2gig. 15. There is a Chinese case you need to open proxy Anything you need, do not hesitate ...

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    This project is to develop the prototype 3d model of a transformer-like plastic robot toy product. We have done the concept design and need experienced designer to help on completing the final assembling 3d model for prototype production (using 3d printing). The final 3d model needs to be ready for real production use. 诚邀有玩具工程设计相关经验的设计师参与完成一部变形金刚机器人塑料玩具的手板三维模型制作项目。本项目概念设计已经完成,现准备制作手板,需要解决关节机构、零件分件、卡扣卡位等日后生产所需技术问题。整个玩具大约设计有100个左右的零件。本次制作的模型将用于3d打印制作手板。

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    3D建模; 工业设计 已经结束 left

    1. 模具设计、机械制造、工业设计专业,精通CAD/UG/Pro/e、Solidwork等三维设计软件,熟悉产品机械结构设计,能够进行独立设计,有家电、家居行业塑料件、管件、冲压件等设计经验。 2. 从事过塑料模具工作,熟悉模具加工工艺流程,对工程塑料、注塑产品、挤塑产品及塑件工艺有专业的判断和解决能力,能够进行一些塑料件模具的分析,改进产品结构设计。对塑胶件性能了解,常见塑件缺陷可以提出清晰有效的解决方案,模具企业专业经验三年以上,具有精密注塑模具设计、产品设计经验者优先。 3. 具有工业设计等相关领域工作经验,具有创造力、想象力,对造型设计非常熟悉,能够独立完成一些复杂的曲面设计,并能够进行产品外观设计,后期能做一些3D软件渲染。

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    ...looking for someone talented in image merging to work on a project where I need to merge a product image into background images. I need this project to be done with real precision and attention to detail, so I want to ensure I hire the right person for the job. There are four background images and product images in different angles. The after-merge mock images are also provided for references. The final result should make it look as if the product existed in the background naturally. I am open to the idea of retaining the product shadows if the result looks professional, however that decision is ultimately dependent on the outcome of the project. I am looking for someone who has excellent experience in image merges, is incredibly detail-oriented, and takes great pride in their...

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    I am looking for an experienced design professional to create a unique, modern logo for my business. I have a specific minimalistic concept in mind, and a vision of the final product I'd like to achieve. The logo should be created in a JPEG format, so it can be used both online and in print materials. If you are confident in your abilities to design a stunning logo that meets my requirements, please reach out

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    Trophy icon Logo Animation 29 天 left

    Need a Logo animation of that attached logo I am thinking to Start with black universe with stars then zoom out to see big gold circle which is spinning then small globe comes from behind left side to circle into final position then TIMELESS then other text - Text move as well i attached 2 examples of what i like Background in fitstrong is good but animation something like AVA Service Make great animations please 7-10 seconds MP4 format

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    ...might miss. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct extensive research to uncover rare and hard-to-find interviews, articles, book recommendations, books, internal company documents, meeting recordings, and internal emails and texts related to Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Charles Koch - Curate and organize the information in a way that is easy to navigate and visually appealing - Present the final collection in a format that is accessible to users Requirements: - Proven experience in research and content curation - Strong organizational skills - Excellent attention to detail - Strong written communication skills - Familiarity with Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Charles Koch's work and leadership styles - Ability to work independently and manage your own ti...

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    Hi there, I need your help to recreate an image that I made. In order to make it I had to cut out a bottle from the original image (that was generated on MidJourney AI platform). Remove the text, then add my own text, duplicate the bottle and change the colour of the duplicated bottles, increase the background width and height, then finally play around with the brightness on each bottle to ensure it popped from the dark background. You'll see my image in the files attached. Whilst it isn't too bad it isn't perfect as the original image was made by AI there are some areas such as the cap that aren't fully formed and need to be fixed. Also, the writing on the bottle that I've added looks a little fake, I want it to look more natural and authentic. When ...

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    Trophy icon Glass beaker with in built heater 29 天 left

    I need to make a prototype that is a glass beaker of approximately 100-200ml , with heater element (polyamide heater etc with correct power density and size preferably 220 volt or 24 volt or whichever is practical) embedded inside glass surface as layer .Also to attach a thermostat to cut off heating when set temperature is achieved, also thermometer should not directly contact with liquid inside(like infrared digital thermometer or indirectly taking temperature readings) The heating capacity to be such that it can heat the 100 ml of water upto 80-90 deg within few minutes. I have attached a beaker photo for reference. Basically idea is to heat milk at precise temperature only with contact with glass. Kindly note Provisional patent application is already filled.

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    I am looking for someone to manage and create content for an Instagram or Facebook page. I need the content creator to be creative and committed with their work. I require content created for this project and have set aside a budget of 5-50 USD to make sure I have quality content and a professional final product. Only1 post per day and will be paying per post. This project requires someone who can take the initiative and come up with innovative ideas that will help me reach my desired outcome. The content needs to be engaging, compelling, and reflect the brand. If you feel you are up to the task and can deliver results, then I am excited to work with you!

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    Monthly SEO service needed 6 天 left

    Hello, I am looking to have a monthly SEO service done for my website. Specifically, I need someone to perform keyword research and analysi...perform keyword research and analysis on a regular basis to ensure the website is optimized for search terms relevant to the business. As I do not have any current keyword targets in mind, I require a full keyword research to be conducted. Finally, I am looking to have this monthly service completed at a consistent frequency. Please list all services you can provide in that monthly services and your final price in the offer. If you feel that you can provide me with the right type of keyword research & analysis to optimize my website, I would love to hear from you. Please reach out with any further questions or to discuss further details o...

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    I am looking for an experienced design professional to create a unique, modern logo for my business. I have a specific minimalistic concept in mind, and a vision of the final product I'd like to achieve. The logo should be created in a JPEG format, so it can be used both online and in print materials. If you are confident in your abilities to design a stunning logo that meets my requirements, please reach out!

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    Simple video editing 6 天 left

    I have an exciting video editing project that I need help with! The final video should be 10-20 seconds in length. If you have experience in video editing, then apply now for an incredible opportunity.

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    Logo Design 6 天 left

    ...options to the client Make revisions to the chosen design as necessary Requirements: Proven experience as a logo designer Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo design work Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or other design software Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with clients Attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality work on time Deliverables: Final logo files in multiple formats (e.g. AI, PNG, JPG) A branding guide (optional) Timeline: We are looking to complete this project within two weeks. Budget: Our budget for this project is $500, but we are open to negotiation based on the designer's experience and portfolio. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forw...

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    Trophy icon Update a logo 6 天 left

    I need an experienced freelancer to update a logo design i have. The final logo should be provided in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format. The logo i have attached is a simple version i have made. I would like the new logo to look very similar to this logo including font (maybe font more bold). I would also prefer the tag line (services) to match the main font. The new icon logo should look similar with a similar tick (maybe bigger). But must look much smoother and cleaner than my own version. I need the logo for a dark background and a light background.

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    Background: Inventa Arts Company is a new company that will sell products aimed at enhancing people's skills and providing an alternative to screen time. The company's focus is on edutainment - creating products that are both educational and entertaining. The company will offer a range of products for both children and adults, including playhouses for kids and s...promotional materials. The logo should be scalable and easily recognizable in a variety of formats and sizes. Competitors: Inventa Arts Company's main competitors are other companies that sell skill development toys and products for children and adults. The logo should be distinctive and memorable, setting the company apart from its competitors. Timeline: The company would like to have the final logo...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a detailed mockup of a mobile app for both Android and iOS. The mockup should include UI graphics, icons and elements for the navigation, in-app user flow, and basic animation. The mockup should not include a logo, layout or color scheme design. A final design document outlining the user interface elements and design decisions is also required. I am looking for someone with a proven track record of creating successful mobile or web designs. A good understanding of user experience and the ability to effectively communicate their design decisions are also essential. The end product should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. If you think you are the right person for the job, please get in touch with me. I look forward to discussin...

    $158 - $1316
    $158 - $1316
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    Prestashop.project 6 天 left

    Need the following updates and fixes to our Prestashop: - activate filters on brand page - fix ajax on a custom module (it's not the cart!); - custom-plugin: "termini e condizioni" - add captcha to "verify password" process; ------------------------------------- **Very Important -- READ CAREFULLY ** by placing a bid, you accept the following: - ONLY ACTUAL DEVELOPERS ARE WELCOME. NO REBIDDERS; - Money released only when the job is COMPLETELY done; - we have a test site for devs, once everything works, the job is moved to the production site for the final test; - no PS or Theme core files can be touched, everything needs to be done in override/hooks/child-theme; Theme: Warehouse (iqit) version 4.4.3 PrestaShop version: PHP7.4

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    I have some black and white jpegs of drawings that i need converted into simplified lines for my cricut so that it can cut the shapes out quickly. the lines need to be clean and smooth.

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    ...Timeline built in JavaScript. The final product is a high responsiveness, cross-broswer storytelling timeline up and running on a cloud service smoothly with all back-end services, so content managers can build the contents. The final product must be clean, simple and secure. The developer must be experienced with the technologies related to the platform. THE REQUIREMENTS - TimelineJS v3 must be installed on a dummy CMS for an online workshop to be conducted for gathering the requirements. Based on the workshop, a fully detailed requirement file with snapshots, must be provided so all the necessary information to design, build and deploy the project online are made clear and scheduled. Once the file is approved, development and delopyment begins. - The final vesio...

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    I want to make a wolf in geometric as per attached an image and I have to cut the same in metal by laser cutting and put design in different different decorative walls

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    hello i am looking for someone who can help me with the boolean difference tool. I use it to cut the hole for the diamonds but just having an issue with this last cutter. just need help fixing it

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    Hi rkbcreation, you can recommended the real estate system I use for video editing. I have a watch your videos I need cut. I already have shut down and cut clips down in front of a green screen. Are you available? I have four right now and then will have four or five more in a few days.

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    I took a final digital forensics exam which I failed. I need to resit the exam but need some guidance on where I went wrong and for someone to assist me with preparing for the resit exam in April. The paper has 2 parts. Part 1 is composed of 10 short answer questions worth 6 marks each (60 marks in total). Part 2 has one essay question worth 40 marks in total. There is a word limit of 2000 words for this paper.

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    I am looking for someone to create a WordPress ecommerce site for me. I would like to use a free theme, so I need someone with the knowledge and skills to customize this to meet my needs and expectations. I also need assistance in setting up payment methods, and require a logo design as well. The final product should reflect my brand, accurately and professionally. I am looking for someone reliable who can deliver the project to spec, with speed and accuracy.

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    ...include the brand name "SeraphicStore" and a visual element that complements the name, such as a symbol or an abstract design. Please avoid using common jewelry-related symbols like gemstones, rings, or necklaces. We prefer a minimalistic design that is easy to reproduce at various sizes and on different materials, such as packaging, website, social media, and print materials. Please provide the final logo in vector format (AI or EPS) as well as high-resolution PNG and JPEG files. The logo should be versatile, working well on both light and dark backgrounds. We are open to a limited color palette, but we encourage you to explore options that complement the brand's emotions of femininity, love, and luxury. Take inspiration from logos of and Tanishq. I have al...

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    I need to create a design for a seed packet range. The design will be in the form of illustrations, so I am looking for help to create a concept. The final design should be delivered in A general print format as a sticker on the pckaging. Please see attached our logo. The first seed packet will be sunflowers: Helianthus Winter Series Packing attached: Dimension: 110x170x70mm

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone to create a literature review of the economic impacts of Covid 19. It's a project that requires excellent research and writing skills to make the paper both rigorous and interesting. The literature review should cover the economic impact of Covid 19 and analyse the implications ...make the paper both rigorous and interesting. The literature review should cover the economic impact of Covid 19 and analyse the implications for the global economy. Specific sources are not required, though the writer should feel free to include relevant research if they think it is necessary. The review should be an in-depth analysis as well as a synthesis of existing knowledge in the area. The final outcome should be a comprehensive and insightful review of the economic...

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    ...using Audacity to record, which is free. You can adjust the mic levels through the program. Send us the raw recordings in 44.1KHz 32-bit WAV format. Do not use any reverb or effects such as a condenser or any other software like Garage Band. Recordings must be completely unedited. Music: Contact us for the music stems. We have rough recordings you can work with, and we will supply you with the final versions to sing over once ready. ...

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    B2B payment 6 天 left

    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer to support the system for tracking payments between small businesses in the UK. The system is in its final stages of development and the plan is to activate it within about 45 days. System development based on firebase and Vue.js. The system includes interfaces to accounting systems such as Xero and includes a payment interface to Stripe. System support will include repairs and improvements. Disabling faults must be repaired immediately and this level of service must be committed to. Regarding the other faults, we will set an SLA of 4 hours for the start of treatment of a fault with a high priority and the start of treatment within 24 hours for the other faults. You can get idea about my software in my site If you have the necessary

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    ...would like to cooperate with more of these similar videos. If you consider this only as a one-time job, please do not respond as I prefer one creator to make all my videos. Requirements: Text must be converted to speech with some AI tool that allows speech sounds like being spoken by native speaker. Script may be edited (some parts can be deleted for better experiences). If you do so, send me final script. Any text in the video must be translated for each lenguage. Video must be easily understandable, for hard-to-understand terms I prefer inserting text with the term inside the video. Each video must be at least 8 minutes long. If you use background music, use only copyright free music from Youtube audio library. If you use music, ALWAYS write me names of every music you used....

    $220 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Gabriel A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I don't believe we ever got the module for the course that you did VFX for without the preview text. I will pay £200 right away if you can send this to us. So much work was done and it is all for nothing without the final version. Not sure if we owe you anything, but we really need the final of the work you did. Please please contact me. Best regards, Michael

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    Logo design 6 天 left

    Hello, I'm looking for a talented freelancer to create a stunning logo for my brand. I need a Wordmark logo that captures the spirit of my project. I have a rough idea of the kind of style, font, and color I want but am open to any creativity and inspirations you might have. The logo, however, does not need to be delivered in vector format. I look forward to hearing your amazing ...looking for a talented freelancer to create a stunning logo for my brand. I need a Wordmark logo that captures the spirit of my project. I have a rough idea of the kind of style, font, and color I want but am open to any creativity and inspirations you might have. The logo, however, does not need to be delivered in vector format. I look forward to hearing your amazing ideas, and can't wait to see the ...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a reliable freelancer to proofread an Info Memorandum for a Debt Fund. The final document must be provided in Word Document format, and it should adhere to a specific style guide. Cross-referencing between documents is also required. This project needs to be completed with precision and attention to detail, so that the document is of the highest quality. If you have experience with proofreading and copy editing, I would love to hear from you.

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    I am looking for a highly-skilled freelancer to help me convert a .PDF brochure into an HTML file without it being responsive. I do not need any assistance with artwork or design as I am providing the finished material. The final result must be in HTML format only. Are you up for the challenge?

    $267 (Avg Bid)
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    My 2D animated project is an animated short film that requires the highest level of animation quality. The artwork style I am looking for has a cartoony feel. For this kind of project, I am looking for experienced, creative, and detail-oriented individuals who have a specific understanding of how to create a fun ...understanding of how to create a fun and engaging animation. I will be providing some initial storyboards and style frames for reference, and I am looking for someone to bring this vision to life. The ideal candidate should also have a strong portfolio, containing a variety of 2D animation produced for other clients and/or personal projects, to showcase their animation skills. I am looking for a final product that will have the potential to engage, amaze, and entertain it...

    $306 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $306 / hr 平均报价
    22 个竞标
    Desk Fusion360 6 天 left

    I have designed a desk in fusion 360. Im new to the software and there is things I havn't learned yet. I have all the pieces as seperate files, however I would like to put them together to ensure they fit correctly. there is about 10 pieces. Need assembly as a complete Desk, check to make sure the parts fit (already had them cut so should be ok) and apply some materials to the parts. wood. glass. mirror. In addition need to flip the design to create a LH and RH version of the desk. I have already created the Key parts for the opposite desk. Once done export all parts into IGS/STL/STEP files for cnc cutting

    $235 - $1962
    $235 - $1962
    28 个竞标

    I have a sketch-up of two residential towers, a City context model, and reference design from 3D Warehouse. I need the three towers placed into the City Context model, ...City context model, and reference design from 3D Warehouse. I need the three towers placed into the City Context model, and the design updated to reflect the reference design from 3D warehouse. There will be 2 final views: 1. Axometric 2. Street-level Both will be completed through a rendering software. Sketch-up is attached. Benchmark for render quality is attached. 3D warehouse reference is attached. Timelines is 5 days. $1,000 CAD. Milestones will be: $250 to put new Sketch-up into City Model $100 to agree to views $100 for first turn $100 for second turn $250 for final renders in JPEG $200 ...

    $5377 (Avg Bid)
    $5377 平均报价
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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer who can create professional headshots for me! The headshots will be of individuals and I'm hoping for a blend of style, creativity, and professionalism in the final product. I'm not sure if I'll require any additional services, so I'm willing to consider any offers. I'm looking forward to seeing your amazing work and finding the perfect photographer to help give my business the professional edge it needs.

    $1177 (Avg Bid)
    $1177 平均报价
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    Project Render 9 天 left

    Hi - We have worked together in the past on a tower render. I would like to do this again for a different project. Rate is $1000 CAD. I would provide: 1. Base sketch-up 2. Reference model from 3D warehouse 3. City context model for integration Milestones would be: 1. $100 for placing sketch-up in City model 2. $200 for first draft with color 3. $300 for second draft 4. $400 for final renders delivered in jpeg.

    $5793 (Avg Bid)
    $5793 平均报价
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    CETS LLC Logo 9 天 left

    Hi there, I have reviewed the project description of Logo Design and I am ready to help bring your project to fruition! Let's discuss further Profile link: Please check my Previous Logo work on this link: I will prov...description of Logo Design and I am ready to help bring your project to fruition! Let's discuss further Profile link: Please check my Previous Logo work on this link: I will provide multiple concepts within agreed time frame and are always available for refinement work to ensure you absolutely love the finished product. Final files will be in different formats, including (ai, eps, vector, pdf, jpg, png, bmp) Sam

    $1962 (Avg Bid)
    $1962 平均报价
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