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    what needs to be done is adding DH key exchange algorithm for my existing project on a webrtc server straming video and audio. My original project code was recording audio from browser and mobile and comparing them to be a second-factor authentication. And what I want to improve is using webrtc and streaming audio from both to compare them, instead of recording. What I have done so far is making a webrtc signalling server and a url link that streams video and audio. How the connection works now is We create a room with a roomID and the peers make a request to the server with the roomID in the url. RoomID will be put in the same room and they start streaming video and audio. But it's too insecure and I need to generate a diffie hellman key pair on eac...

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    这是一个远程电话系统的客户端 1:填写必要的配置信息 2:可以输入电话号码,并发送请求到服务器请求链接一个长链接,如果对方接到电话,立刻和服务器建立长链接交换audio数据。 3:在通话过程中,app端会和服务器建立一个长链接,你需要接收到实时数据并且通过听筒播放出来。用户也可以通过app讲话并传输到服务器。 简单来说打开app就像是一个手机一样的功能

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    任职要求: 擅长编写电子音乐,擅长编写EDM(Electronic Dance Music)的优先。如不会电音,至少会1种DAW软件(digital audio workstation ),例如:FL STUDIO, Cubase5,Logic Pro, 薪资待遇:见面详谈 上班时间:自由 工作地点:武汉市关山大道创业街

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...fairly tight schedule (sub-6 months for the full development), and so the applicant should be able to deliver within those timelines. We are initially offering an equity stake in the business, with the potential for the addition of a full-time salaried position. Responsibilities - Create website layout/user interface by using HTML5/CSS3 practices. - Integrate data from various back-end services and databases. - Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our website. - Stay plugged into emerging technologies and apply them into operations and activities. - Optimize website for maximum speed. Requirements - Experience in coding with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. - Experience with integration and APIs (e.g. google).   - Understanding of SEO principles...

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    ...4, After completing the authentication process, the videos can be freely played in the special player. The students can select the styles of the player in the interface of the player and we also can show our brand in the player. The definition of the videos will not be affected. The videos can be freely sped or rewound. Besides, 0.1 to 5.0 times of speeding and rewinding can be achieved and the audio track can stay the same . 5, The encryption software of the video can be specifically available to the students of a particular class. While, the students in other classes will not be able to decrypt the videos even if they have softdog and download the encrypted source files of the videos.  6, The video encryption software should realize background control. It should be able...

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    ...internet thru our company servers.. 2. GEO Location of device for clients when they enter the office building to know where they are. 3. Building lay out, with using scan QR codes to let clients know where they are at precisely 4. USING wifi, A-GPS and GPS to access location INSIDE the building and on different floors 5. Allow downloading of pamphlets and documents helps references for services provided in the entire 10 story building along with each specific floors 7. Will need ongoing support for at least 1 year, 8. Within the app, the layout for the client changes and makes changes based on the wifi positioning. 9. Smart app controller, allowing the app to control simple internet connected items (lights, switches) will have a timer based on when the client enters the...

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    Q/微-信6955-90912 办理英国牛津大学University of Oxford 毕业证成绩单学历认证 Q&WeChat : 695-590-912 transact diploma transcript Dian embassies and the Ministry of Education academic degree Certification permanent archive to be investigated he yi Student Services center: entities, registered business, industry benchmarking, the better! Q&WeChat : 695 590 912 We provide the following services for the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, France, Germany, Singapore and other countries to study student: ★ real certified by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, archiving, Chinese Ministry of Education Service Center certification (ie, Ministry of Education, leaving clothes certification) website 100% to be investigated. ★ real embassy certificati...

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    We are releasing a product that provides a range of discount services to clients. We are going to sell this product on the chinese wechat platform. As such we need to develop articles to highlight the benefits of the product. This project is to develop 10 articles which I have developed the theme/heading and dot pointed the key issues that the article could cover. It would be preferable that these articles are developed in mandarin/simplified chinese however we would be willing to hire someone to develop these articles in English and then hire someone to translate them.

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    7 Desires 国际是专注在时尚娱乐行业的模特儿管理和活动组织公司,他们还拥有摄影和视频制作团队。 7 Desires 国际可以帮助您宣传产品、品牌或让西方模特穿着您指定的衣服或配饰拍照和制作视频,供您的网站使用。 只需把您的货物样本寄送到欧洲或美国,剩下的事情就交给他们(7 Desires )了。 价格非常优惠! 今天就去访问:7desiresinternational.c o m 吧 CHINESE FREELANCE ONLY: WE NEED TO FIND CHINESE FACTORY OR RETAILERS INTERESTED IN OUR SERVICES. Apply only if you can really make us close a deal with a company willing to send the goods in Europe to realize photos advertising with our models. If you are not able to finalize a deal please do not apply or you will not be paid.

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    使用263提供的统一认证接口实现 263企业用户同步登陆 以及 退出 discuz x3.2 论坛。 263 统一认证接口 流程为 用户点击263应用连接--》263客户端启用浏览器打开连接,并传递认证参数 ---》 企业应用调用统一认证接口进行身份认证 ---》 如果验证成功,企业应有显示登陆成功界面 用户点击应用名称将启动浏览器打开应用链接,云通信客户端把统一认证所需参数传递给应用链接: http://应用链接?user=用户名&sessionkey=会话密钥&bindid=应用ID 一个例子如下: 统一认证接口 统一认证接口为Web Services形式,接口描述文件为: 调用authsession方法进行身份验证,0表示验证成功,非零表示验证失败: 参数名称 参数类型 参数说明 username string 用户名,“”形式 sessionkey string 会话密钥 bindid string 应用ID

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    CCIC Inspection(Shenzhen) is a leading inspection & Identification services provider registered in Shenzhen, China since 1988, with CNAS 17020 accreditation and CNAS 17025 ,we are hiring freelancer: Responsibility: -Identify,contact and prospect potential clients and turn them into customers; -Follow up your clients,develop the revence brought by your clients,pushing them to use our services more frequently,Maintain clients’satisfaction. Requirements: -Direct knowledge/experience of the inspection industry or of the trade/manufacturing; -Have Local buyers resources、Local retailers Resources or Local traders Resources. Our philosophy is Achieve Win-Win by Integration of Resources. If you are interested in our cooperation relationship, or have any idea ab...

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    ...your assistant to post on forums,blog,websites,Social media promote our website and services in American,Canadian or other countries websites. Contact me through $0.4 per post, and it also depends on your will pay you according to your also look for long time cooperation. Details: - You must be fluency in English, and post the articles to local English Forums(or blog,websites,SNS) in order to introduce our website or products. The articles should contain our website address or URL Link. - The websites you are going to post should be in high rank with Google,Yahoo,Bing. - You should post the articles under category of accounting servicesserviced officeincorporation services or related. - You cannot post the same article under one channel or forum. - The websites

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    ...4、较强的独立工作能力及良好的团队协作精神。 5、逻辑分析能力强,条理性强,有一定的讲解能力; 6、有相关工作经验优先。 岗位职责: 1. 进行嵌入式系统(Embedded Linux)驱动程序开发。 2. 负责系统底层的BSP相关工作,如Linux Kernel移植优化,设备驱动开发、移植和优化。 3. 参与项目需求分析,进行驱动软件的详细设计。 4. 根据公司技术文档规范编写相应的开发文档。 驱动工程师 Software Driver Engineer 任职资格: 1.精通C/C++语言、ARM汇编,熟练使用GCC。 2. 至少两年以上嵌入式系统(Embedded Linux)软件开发经验,精通嵌入式系统软件开发。 3.深刻理解处理器架构,热爱处理器相关技术。深刻理解内存、DMA、中断等概念。熟悉ARM 处理器。 4.精通Linux 下驱动程序开发。有USB、video、audio、UART、IIC、SPI、SD/MMC等开发经验佳。 5.深入理解Linux文件系统、进程管理机制和内存管理机制。 6.熟悉威盛平台驱动开发者优先 必须:至少两年以手机或平板驱动开发经验。 岗位需求: 1、精通 C/C++/Java 编程语言,并且有相关项目开发经验。 2、熟悉Linux下C/C++/Java开发环境。 3、熟悉Linux下 Shell脚本使用。 4、熟悉Android应用编程开发,包括环境建立以及常用调试方法。 5、了解Android Frameworks层和HAL层相关知识,有过相关项目经验者优先考虑。 Android高级软件工程师 Software Engineer for Android Devices 工作职责: 1、熟悉 Android SDK,了解Android fr...

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    $235 - $1955
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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can provide copy typing services for my project. The purpose of the copy typing is to transcribe handwritten documents. I need the typed document to be completed immediately. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in copy typing - Ability to transcribe handwritten documents accurately If you are able to meet these requirements and can complete the project promptly, please submit your proposal. If you are interested kindly message project awarder via tele_gram; @GonzalezO_Francisco @Gonzalez0_Francisco @GonzalezO_Francisco

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to create a logo for a new business venture. This is for starting a new enterprise in the services industry, in NDIS & Aged Care. The business name is A Few Kind Souls Pty Ltd. While I have a vague idea of what I am looking for, I am open to creative suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing the ideas presented and excited to see the final product. I'm thinking colours such as Duck Egg and Butterscotch

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    We are looking for a ESP32 Developer to create the software for a Mini AVS that will play video and audio on a ESP32-WROOM-32D microcontroller. The video, audio and JPEGS will be stored on a SD card. The project will be done in three phases. Each phase must be completed in order and on time before moving to the next phase. • PHASE 1 -Using the esp32, ili9341 display, and a SD MMC card, play audio in sync with video • PHASE 2 - Create a GUI touch interface using a ili9341 display, where the user can pause/resume videos and navigate a menu system. • PHASE 3 – Integrate phase 1 and 2 in to a fully functioning system without bugs.

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    I am seeking the services of a talented 3D animator to create a short film of more than 10 minutes duration. I have a rough idea for the characters and design, but need an experienced animator to bring this to life. The animation style should be 3D and I am open to creative input from the animator to make the production the best it can be. Please only apply to this project if you have proven experience in 3D animation, as this is essential for delivering the highest quality film possible. Please provide a sample of your portfolio.

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    I am looking for a freelance translator who can help me with a one-page document translation from English to Nepali. The document is written in general language, but it includes specific terminology and jargon related to the legal field. I only require translation services and do not need any additional services like proofreading or formatting. Skills and experience needed: - Fluency in both English and Nepali - Proficiency in translating specific terminology and jargon related to a certain industry or field - Attention to detail and accuracy in translation If you have experience in translating documents from English to Nepali and are comfortable with translating specific industry-related terminology, please submit your proposal. Thank you.

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    web scraping 6 天 left

    I'm looking to hire someone to perform web scraping services for me. Specifically, I would like someone to scrape data from multiple specific websites, extracting solely text data in the form of a CSV file. Previous experience is preferred, but not essential, as long as the coder is able to demonstrate an ability to understand and execute simple web scraping tasks. In addition to understanding how to severally access and scrape data from two or more websites, the ideal candidate would also be knowledgeable about web technologies, protocols, and frameworks for efficiently managing the scraping production pipeline. Overall, I'm looking for an experienced coder who is reliable, detail-oriented, and can quickly deliver quality results. If this describes you, I invite you to...

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    I am looking for a talented audio producer to create a radio station ID for my Christian music station. The ID should reflect the genre of Christian music and capture the essence of the station's uplifting and inspirational message. My radio station is called 'Eternity Ready Radio". We just partnered with a christian radio station called "Fine Tune Radio" We have become Sister Stations. I already have several station ID's and just need to mention my our sister station in our radio ID. I actually want to edit my existing Radio ID to mention our sister radio station. I also want a new station ID as well. We are a non profit and the funds for this project is small and limited. You must work with a small budget for this. The station ID's will be un...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an app for beauty services. The app will specialize in makeup application and, with them, will include a booking system so that customers have an easy way of scheduling their appointments. Additionally, the app will include a rating and review feature so that customers can give honest feedback about the beauty service providers. All development skills must be up to date with current trends and have a clean, modern design. The project should also have the capability to make adjustments in the future if needed. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing your proposals.

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    Crowdfunding for startup 6 天 left

    Crowdfunding for startup - Looking to launch a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign - Need assistance with a social medi...Proven track record of reaching and exceeding funding goals - Creative and strategic thinking to maximize campaign visibility and engagement I am seeking a results-oriented team or individual to manage our fundraising campaign and ensure product success. Note: I am not interested in consultation or strategy-only services. I'm looking for a team or individual who can both devise a strategy and execute it, delivering results without offering reasons or excuses. Also do not respond with Chatgpt content and flood my inbox. if you are seriously interested , ready fully and send me your proposal.

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    Online Sales representative 6 天 left

    Project Title: Online Sales representative Project D...Sales representative Project Description: - I am looking for an entry-level online sales representative to support our existing business. - The target market for our product/service is international. - The ideal freelancer should have entry-level experience in sales and customer service. - Responsibilities will include reaching out to potential international customers, promoting our products/services, and closing sales. - The freelancer should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable working remotely. - Experience in online marketing and lead generation is preferred but not required. - This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in the sales field and contribute to the growth of an existing...

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    I am looking for a reliable service provider to prototype a project of mine that requires specific materials and needs to be completed within one to two weeks. My goal is to create a physical prototype. To make this possible, I need an experienced and thoughtful team that can quickly execute the required components in a well-crafted manner. Furthermore, I need someone who is detail-oriented and invested in producing work that meets the highest standard of quality. I look forward to working with a service provider that can bring my project to completion in a timely manner and in line with my expectations. It is not to hard, I need some prototypes for hoodies I want to sell ( streetwear style )

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    ¡Buenas a todos los locutores y narradores! - Estoy buscando un artista de doblaje (masculino) que pueda proporcionar una narración profesional y atractiva para mi proyecto. - El candidato ideal debe tener experiencia en trabajos de doblaje y ser capaz de entregar grabaciones de audio de alta calidad. - El proyecto requiere específicamente una voz en off para mi proyecto. - El proyecto es básicamente mi canal de YouTube, tengo un canal ya creado y funcionando en el que realizo resúmenes de anime, actualmente quiero expandirlo y contratar a uno o varios narradores para agilizar el proceso de los vídeos, y sacar más contenido. - Habilidades y experiencia ideales: - Experiencia de voz en off. - Excelentes habilidades de habla y enu...

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    Desarrollador de SQL 6 天 left

    Interfell CORP está buscando un desarrollador SQL (Bilingüe) Conectamos profesionales de TI con las mejores empresas de Latinoamérica, USA y Europa. ?Compensación: USD 3.3k-3.75k / mes ?Ubicación: En remoto. Lunes a Viernes de 9am a 5pm (US/Eastern) ?Habilidades: ·SSIS (SQL Server Reporting Services) ·Transact-SQL ·Recuperación de datos ·Trabajo en equipo ·Resolución de problemas ⭐Requerimientos: ·Mínimo de 3 años de experiencia trabajando como MS SQL Server Developer ·Dominio avanzado del idioma inglés y español (Excluyente) ·Aplica aquí:

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    Project Name: Online Zulu Transcription project Job Description: We need Native Zulu speaker for Transcription Project. Just need to listen Zulu audio and need to write Zulu . and also need to follow the our Guideline and rules. Total data : 50-100 hour Payment: 15USD/ One Valid audio hour. If u are interested so please let me know. I will contact u. A Good Opportunity For New Freelancers For taking 5 Star Review after their completion of the project. Thanks!

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    ...Objective: - The primary objective of this marketing campaign is lead generation, with a focus on attracting potential customers who are local homeowners. Target Demographic: - The target demographic for this campaign is local homeowners in New Jersey. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Facebook marketing is essential. - Familiarity with the roofing industry or similar home improvement services would be beneficial. - Knowledge of effective lead generation strategies and techniques. - Ability to create engaging and compelling advertisements that resonate with the target demographic. - Proficiency in tracking and analyzing campaign performance to optimize results. If you have the necessary skills and experience to help generate leads for a New Jersey roofing company t...

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    Book keeper 6 天 left

    Book keeper I am looking for a bookkeeper to provide general bookkeeping services on a daily basis. I do not use any specific software for bookkeeping. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in general bookkeeping - Ability to handle daily bookkeeping tasks - Attention to detail and accuracy in maintaining financial records - Knowledge of basic accounting principles - Strong organization and time management skills

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    I'm looking to create a professionally-designed website with great searchability in my area. The primary purpose of the website is to provide consulting services. I don't have specific features or functionalities in mind, so I am looking for suggestions. My target audience would likely search for specific products or services that I offer. The website must be optimized for using the latest technologies and must include built-in SEO features in order to ensure great searchability. I'm looking for a reliable freelancer who can create a website to my specifications and make sure it is optimized for web searches.

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    ...and preferences of our consumer audience - Familiarity with the latest trends and techniques in email newsletter design and layout - Strong knowledge of Australian English Responsibilities: - Create weekly email newsletters that captivate our consumer audience and drive engagement - Craft persuasive and compelling copy that effectively communicates our brand message and promotes our products or services - Collaborate with our marketing team to understand our target audience and tailor the content to their needs and preferences - Ensure that the newsletters are error-free, grammatically correct, and follow our brand guidelines - Monitor the performance of the newsletters and make necessary adjustments to improve open rates and click-through rates If you are a creative and talent...

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    ...will be 2 pop up banners. The pop up banners look like this: I need you to design the graphics. There needs to be 1 inch of white space on the Top and 3 inches of white space on the bottom. I would like you to use my logo – and the check mark One Banner Should Highlight the following services: • Aircraft Invoice Review • Owner Advocate Services The Other Banner Should Highlight: Aircraft Brokerage Aircraft Sales Aircraft Acquisiitons Please look at my website to get a sense of the branding and look and feel. I would like a private jet in the background or hangar with private jets in them. I like the color blue see website For photos please use any open source commercial photos-

    $782 (Avg Bid)
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    PF & ESI Consultant all India 6 天 left

    I am looking for a PF & ESI Consultant with expertise in both PF and ESI consultation. The ideal candidate should have experience in providing both registration and compliance services. Key requirements for the project include: - Providing consultation services for both PF and ESI - Assisting with registration and compliance processes - Ongoing consulting services required Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge and expertise in PF and ESI regulations - Experience in providing registration and compliance services - Ability to provide ongoing consulting services If you have the necessary skills and experience in PF & ESI consultation and can provide ongoing support for registration and compliance, please submit your proposal.

    $782 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a PF & ESI Consultant for my organization in Tamil Nadu, India. Services Required: - Providing consultation for both PF and ESI Type of Consultancy: - Ongoing consultancy for regular support and guidance Organization Size: - Large(1000+ employees) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in PF and ESI regulations and compliance in Tamil Nadu, India - Proven track record of providing consultancy services to small organizations - Strong understanding of the specific challenges and requirements faced by small organizations in managing PF and ESI - Ability to provide practical and cost-effective solutions for PF and ESI related issues - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and collaborate wi...

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    Cloud Portal Development 6 天 left

    ...Requirements Gathering: Collaborate with the client to gather detailed project requirements. Define user stories, use cases, and functional requirements. Architecture Design: Create a cloud portal architecture design that aligns with industry best practices and the client's requirements. Define the technology stack and infrastructure components. Development: Develop the cloud portal's backend services, microservices, APIs, and frontend components. Implement user authentication, access control, and data security measures. Ensure high scalability, availability, and performance of the cloud portal. User Interface (UI): Design and develop an intuitive and responsive user interface (UI) for the cloud portal. Implement a visually appealing design that enhances the user exp...

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    6 个竞标 optimize accounts for these platforms I already have existing brand guidelines for my store, which I can provide to the freelancer. This will ensure consistency and alignment with our brand identity across all social media channels. The main goal of these social media accounts is to drive traffic to my store. I want to increase visibility and attract potential customers to my products and services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in social media management and marketing - Ability to create engaging and compelling content for social media platforms - Knowledge of strategies to increase website traffic and conversion rates - Experience in utilizing social media analytics to track performance and make data-driven decisions Looking for someone with experience with a...

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    Audio Q&A Chatbot App 6 天 left

    Audio Question and Answer Chatbot App Python Command Line App - In real time get voice from microphone to audio file, then feed audio file to whisper (question) - Get the text and then ask chatgpt what the user is saying - Get the response from chatgpt and then use a text to audio solution like elevenlabs - Get the audio and play to back to user Can be done all as a python app

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    ...Brevo service. I already have a domain and my primary purpose for using an SMTP relay service is for transactional emails. Requirements: - Proficient in configuring SMTP relay with Brevo or similar services - Experience with domain configuration and DNS settings - Knowledge of transactional email best practices and deliverability optimization Skills: - SMTP relay configuration - Domain configuration and DNS settings - Transactional email management Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this project is someone who has prior experience in configuring SMTP relay with Brevo or similar services. They should also have a strong understanding of domain configuration and DNS settings. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be knowledgeable about transactional email best pra...

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    We are a multi-specialty clinic offering dental treatments, particularly transplants, and cosmetic services such as lip fillers, botox, and other facial care treatments. We seek an experienced and creative designer to create a logo embodying our clinic's values and services. ATTETION! (1) Please be advised that our clinic is not solely focused on dental services. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments, including facial harmonization, lip fillers, Botox, and more. Your design should encapsulate both the dental and cosmetic services that we offer. Proposals focusing only on dental will not be considered suitable for our needs. (2) Additional Note on File Format: Due to platform limitations, we couldn't specify this in the requirements section, but plea...

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    Real estate 6 天 left

    I am looking for real estate marketing materials for multiple locations, with a budget of between $500 and $1000. My goal is to create marketing materials which reflect my branding and create marketing materials which reflect my branding and business goals, and will help me to reach a wider range of potential customers to generate more leads and sales. I am the perfect fit for this project, as I have years of experience working in the real estate industry. I understand the needs of my customers and I know how to create content that will get them interested in my product or services. I have the skills and resources to create effective, engaging, and high-quality materials that will help me to achieve my objectives. I am confident that I can deliver results within the specifi...

    $133 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello my name is Manuela I am from Colombia and I have been working with hair treatments for 9 years, but I decided to leave the services and start developing my cosmetic line, but not only hair products but to expand it to body and wellness. It is my first time in this subject looking for an expert because in Colombia I did not find a competent laboratory capable of developing the product or the quality I need. I want something with high quality standards and results, at competent prices worldwide. I am looking for my products to really fulfill the promise given, and also for it to be an olfactory experience that positions the brand and generates recall, repurchase and engagement. I expect the professional who works hand in hand with me to be innovative, open to new fields, committ...

    $34409 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a Laravel developer to create an admin panel with APIs for my app. Specific Features Needed: - Content Management Design/Layout: - I have a specific design in mind for the admin panel. API Functionalities: - Integration with Other Services Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Laravel framework - Proficiency in API development and integration - Familiarity with content management systems - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing admin panel design Please provide examples of previous Laravel projects and API integrations you have worked on.

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    ...A non-paid test will be required. Not Looking for Agencies -- only sololancers - We are seeking a skilled video editor to join our podcast production agency team. - This is a subcontractor position, and the selected candidate will be assigned to various of our client shows to remain as their ongoing video editor - The primary focus of this role will be editing podcasts to create high-quality audio and video content as well as 30-60 second reels - The videos to be edited will primarily consist of interviews or solo episodes - The ideal candidate will have experience in editing podcasts and a strong understanding of what should be edited out - The edited videos should align with the specific style or theme provided by the client. - Attention to detail and the ability to accurate...

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    Below is a narrative we're using for an economics learning activity. I've already recorded audio for the Keynesian Assistant, but I need help voicing the Hayekian Assistant. Could you please help me? Attached are some examples. I'll need a single wav file for every line. I recorded mine using the native Windows recorder and then converted it online using a free tool. Professional-sounding please. Whatever accent is fine. No background noise. Please use a microphone with decent quality. Human-recorded. No AI or computer recordings (unless I can't tell the difference :D). ###Narrative #Concept 1: Economic downturns, rising unemployment, and struggling businesses signal a potential recession. Chair: We're seeing troubling economic indicators...

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    I'm looking to create a professionally-designed website with great searchability in my area. The primary purpose of the website is to provide consulting services. I don't have specific features or functionalities in mind, so I am looking for suggestions. My target audience would likely search for specific products or services that I offer. The website must be optimized for using the latest technologies and must include built-in SEO features in order to ensure great searchability. I'm looking for a reliable freelancer who can create a website to my specifications and make sure it is optimized for web searches.

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create integration tests for an AWS Lambda function written in Java. The test cases must be created from scratch according to detailed requirements and guidelines that I will provide. The successful applicant will have extensive knowledge of AWS Lambda and other relevant services such as API Gateway and CloudWatch. The applicant should also have an eye for detail to ensure that all tests are comprehensive and accurate. The successful applicant will need to deliver the tests within a stipulated timeframe without compromising on quality. I am looking for an experienced professional to work with me on this project and perform to a high standard.

    $141 - $1176
    $141 - $1176
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    I am looking for a network expert who can help me resolve my network connectivity issue of being unable to connect to specific websites or services. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in troubleshooting network connectivity issues - Strong knowledge of VPN protocols, particularly IPSec - Experience in configuring and managing VPN tunnels - Familiarity with firewalls and security protocols - Ability to diagnose and resolve network communication problems I am seeking a long-term fix for this issue, so I am looking for someone who can not only solve the current problem but also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a stable and reliable network connection.

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    Je souhaite mettre en place deux sondages afin de recueillir des données précises et pertinentes sur le comportement des commerçants pour une association de développement économique existante. L'objectif principal de cette initiative est d'améliorer l'efficacité du développement de l...comportement des commerçants pour une association de développement économique existante. L'objectif principal de cette initiative est d'améliorer l'efficacité du développement de l'association des commerçants. Je recherche un expert capable de conduire une enquête dans la rue et de compléter jusqu'à 50-100 sondages soigneusement rédig&eacu...

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    logo design 6 天 left

    Hello, my business is in need of a logo design. My business name is [Client can input their business/organization name] and it falls under the services category. I’m looking to create an abstract logo that visually reflects my business and its values. My ideal logo will be aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and meaningful. An abstract logo communicates the core values of my business without it being a literal representation. When viewed, it will be able to effectively grab the attention of my target audience. I’m looking for a freelancer with the creativity and skills to capture my vision and turn it into a logo that can be used for a wide range of purposes. If you think you have the right skills to create a visually appealing and effective logo for my business, then ...

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