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    ...specific platform in mind, I am open to recommendations from the freelancer. As for the budget, I am looking for a solution that falls within the range of less than $3,000. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing SIEM and SOAR platforms - Proficiency in log management and analysis - Knowledge of cyber security threats and response mechanisms - develop the platform using amy programming language If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide your recommendations and a proposal for the development of the SIEM and SOAR platform....

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    Java Programming 已经结束 left


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    Requires a database that helps users in our company to organise different packaging specifications for each of our products. Since different customers require different packaging format of the same products, we need to be able to pick from existing packaging format or create new format for each customer. Requires the following functions. 1) Product overview (list all the items, and related different packaging specifications) 2) Functions that allow users to alter and add new packaging format for each item. 3) Functions that allow users to pick different products (and its respective forma) and output the selection to Excel or PDF 4) An import and export function that allows us to import all the existing packaging data into the database.

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    这是 一份作业题 希望有人能尽快 解答, 我人在美国。 有兴趣的可以直接联系我。 QQ:349555673

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    我们正在寻找一个优...简单的WordPress 网站; 成功完成第一个项目的设计师将会被邀请参与我们的第二个项目(马上开始在第一个项目完成后),网站设计工作设计的要求会高和复杂。 要求如下: Web/App Graphics • ability to take design (PSD) and create web friendly optimised graphical elements • familiar with all levels of CSS (through CSS3) • understand and ability to implement responsive design • understand browser limitations of Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome; can design cross browser solutions Programming • competent to expert in WordPress & PHP (portfolio sites required) • understand modern javascript frameworks (minimum: JQuery) • understand SEO best practices Communications • fluent in English and Chinese

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    我们正在寻找一个优...简单的WordPress 网站; 成功完成第一个项目的设计师将会被邀请参与我们的第二个项目(马上开始在第一个项目完成后),网站设计工作设计的要求会高和复杂。 要求如下: Web/App Graphics • ability to take design (PSD) and create web friendly optimised graphical elements • familiar with all levels of CSS (through CSS3) • understand and ability to implement responsive design • understand browser limitations of Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome; can design cross browser solutions Programming • competent to expert in WordPress & PHP (portfolio sites required) • understand modern javascript frameworks (minimum: JQuery) • understand SEO best practices Communications • fluent in English and Chinese

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    typing and programming 已经结束 left


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    SQL注入/代码审计/数据库权限/渗透测试技术 接渗透单子高手,联系电子邮箱:aqcp#(#改成@)语言要求:中文 熟练掌握各种内网渗透测试工具与相关知识,精通常见安全攻防技术:sql注入、xss、文件上传、文件包含、命令执行等漏洞 熟悉linux、unix、Windows、oracle、J2EE等各种环境下WEB的安全配置与安全检查及WEB漏洞防范; 熟悉各种脚本语言(asp,php,jsp,java,net、perl、python等)具备独立挖掘web安全漏洞与入侵手段 具备一定的网络安全知识,对网络安全结构、系统漏洞、入侵检测、病毒防护等有深入理论基础和实践经验; 熟悉渗透测试黑客攻防的步骤、方法、流程、熟练掌握各种渗透测试攻防工具有实际渗透经验者优先; 求大虾接单,脱裤,要求,电话,手机,姓名,邮箱,其他的一概不要。每笔单1000美金起步,根据站的难度而定价格,具体可以详谈,寻找长期合作. 态度认真、中介勿扰,请技术实力说话。

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    I'm in need of a Python developer to create an automation script for day trading(paper) which data must store in excel. The primary goal is...which data must store in excel. The primary goal is to automate some repetitive tasks, specifically simple data entry. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a Python script to automate the repetitive data entry tasks - Ensure the script is efficient and optimized for performance - Test the script to guarantee its functionality and reliability Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Prior experience in developing automation scripts - Understanding of data entry tasks - Ability to write efficient and optimized code - Trading API knowledge Note: Please include any relevant experience or examples of prior wo...

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    I am in need of a professional who can assist with the integration of Thingsboard with an MQTT-compatible PLC for real-time data. The main goal of this project is to establish seamless communication between the two systems. Key Tasks: - Setting up an interface between Thingsboard and the PLC, guaranteeing real-time data tr...are visible on our website only. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in integrating PLCs with IoT platforms like Thingsboard. - Proficiency in MQTT protocol and its application in PLC communication. - In-depth understanding of real-time data integration. - Ability to work with Device status, Level Float Switches, and Pumps data is a plus. Please Note: Programming of the PLC is not in the scope. Looking forward to your ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced individual who can assist me with a comprehensive task. Your primary responsibilities would include: • Importing and setting up Python-based algorithmic trading programs within my Amazon AWS environment. • Integrating the system with specific stock market APIs to fetch real-time data. Your knowledge and expertise should ideally include: • Proficiency in Python programming language with specific experience in algorithmic trading. • Prior experience in integrating trading systems with stock market APIs. • Strong understanding of Amazon AWS, specifically the ability to set up and optimize an environment from scratch. This is an exciting project for the right candidate, and I am looking forward to working with someone who ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer with a proven track record of customizing and adding modules to Perfex CRM. The ideal candidate should have hands-on experience with Perfex CRM and a strong command of the necessary programming languages. Key requirements for this project include: - Customization and integration of new modules to enhance customer management, project management, and financial tracking functionalities within Perfex CRM. - Previous experience in developing and integrating with third-party software, specifically Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and Stripe. - Ability to understand project objectives and translate them into technical specifications and deliverables. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to ensure seamless integration and operation of t...

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    ...proficient in SQLAlchemy and hexagonal architectures to build a modular and robust relational database. The project involves designing a database with comprehensive unit tests, data validation mechanisms, and commit-rollback systems to ensure data integrity before finalizing transactions. Additionally, the implementation of a Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) model will be considered to efficiently manage concurrent transactions. ---Project Requirements--- Technology and Frameworks: SQLAlchemy Hexagonal Architecture Unit Testing (PyTest or similar) Commit-Rollback Mechanism Initial Implementation of Basic Indexes Query Analysis and Optimization using ElasticSearch Database Specifications: Modularity: Each module must be indepe...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to help me develop a radio program aimed at educating the general public. Key Responsibilities: - Design a structured, engaging and informative radi...educating the general public. Key Responsibilities: - Design a structured, engaging and informative radio program that caters to a broad audience - Develop a detailed project proposal showcasing how you intend to meet the educational objectives of the program - Regularly liaise with me to ensure the program is in line with the project's goals Ideal Skillsets: - Deep knowledge of educational programming - Strong understanding of audience engagement and education - Excellent communication and collaboration skills Please provide a detailed project proposal, highlighting your appro...

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    ...calculations on the data provided by my clients. - **Data Correction**: The system should be able to identify errors within the data provided and suggest corrections. - **Data Upload**: There should be a feature that allows clients to upload their Excel data sheets. - **Integration with Tally 4.1**: The tool should be able to generate transfer vouchers in XML format specifically for Tally 4.1. - **Programming Languages**: The tool should be built using TDL, VBA, PHP, and MySQL. I am looking for a professional who has: - Strong experience in TDL (Tally Definition Language), VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), and MySQL. - Previous experience in building an accounting tool is highly preferred. - Excellent understanding of accounting principles and p...

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    ...text files (.txt) and generate output in the form of a single CSV file. The project requires expertise in Python programming, familiarity with MacOS operating system, and experience working with natural language processing (NLP) tools. Role Description: As part of this project, you will be responsible for developing Python code that integrates with our GPT-4 assistant to perform the following tasks: Upload a series of .txt files to the GPT-4 platform Analyze each text file using the provided individual prompts (available in an attached XLS file) Generate output from the analysis, which will be written into a single CSV file Requirements: Proficiency in Python programming language (at least 1 year of experience) Familiarity with MacOS operating system Experienc...

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    Need a skilled programmer to enhance my existing EA by integrating the Zigzag indicator. This indicator will serve as a trend-following filter to improve the effectiveness of the exit strategy. The ...addition. Key Project Details: - The EA: The EA is already functioning - it just needs the Zigzag indicator integrated. - Zigzag Integration: This indicator will specifically be used to refine the EA's exit strategy. - Adjustable time frame on the Zigzag Indicator - True /False Function to turn it off and on - Skillset: You should have a deep understanding of both Zigzag, MA as well as EA programming to ensure a seamless integration. Please reach out if you have a strong background in EA development and can successfully incorporate the Zigzag indicator to enhance the exit stra...

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    I need a JavaFX expert to help me make my JavaFX code compatible with Scene Builder 2.0. Currently, it only runs in newer versions like 22. It's just a sliding button. All I am needing is the ability to get the JAR working in Scene Builder 2.0. The Code is already there for the sliding button - just don't know how to get it working in Scene Builder 2.0 so that I can use the custom co...0. - The successful freelancer should have extensive experience working with JavaFX & Scene Builder 2.0 and be able to solve compatibility issues with older versions. Deliverables: - The JavaFX code should be compatible with Scene Builder 2.0 after the freelancer's intervention. Ideal Freelancer: - JavaFX & Scene Builder 2.0 Expert - Experience in fixing compatibility issues - Java/...

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    I require an experienced .aspx programmer to integrate existing functionality with a SQL Server database. The Scope: - Implement database integration into .aspx script Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficient in .aspx programming - Experience with SQL Server database integration - Demonstrate previous work with similar integration projects - Advanced knowledge of database connectivity and troubleshooting Please note, the SQL Server database design is already set up and won't be needed to be built from scratch. The focus is solely on integration.

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    Oracle DBA for Large Database 6 天 left

    ...databases, including Apex/ORDS, within Linux environments. Administer multi-tenant architecture database, ensuring efficient resource allocation and isolation. Perform database upgrades and patching to keep systems up-to-date and secure. Analyze and troubleshoot database performance issues, optimizing queries and configurations. Manage Oracle GoldenGate replication processes for real-time data synchronization. Troubleshoot application deployment and runtime issues, ensuring minimal downtime and smooth operation. Expertise with Apache and Tomcat setup Configure and monitor GoldenGate processes to ensure data consistency across environments. Utilize shell and Python scripting to automate routine database tasks and maintenance. Knowledge in cloud technologies(AW...

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    ...system where the automation is triggered by the message content in WhatsApp. - The automation trigger will be set based on specific keywords within the incoming WhatsApp messages. - To realize this project, an in-depth knowledge of Wix Velo and understanding of WhatsApp APIs is necessary, along with familiarization with Wix Automations. - Confidence in JavaScript coding, web development, and programming would be ideal for the successful completion of this project, considering inherent technical nuances. I assume the following coding could work: -If WhatsApp message in Inbox -then setting should be same as Chat -automation should be triggered -If automation is triggered -and incoming chat originated from WhatsApp -then reply should be via WhatsApp The ultimate goal is to i...

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    I'm seeking a skilled SAP developer to enhance the performance of our existing system. The primary goal is to ensure the system runs more efficiently and effectively. Key Responsibilities: - Enhancing the system's performance through efficient coding and programming techniques - Developing custom reports to provide in-depth insights for data analytics - Integrating external systems for smoother workflow automation - Implementing user interface improvements for better user experience I need a professional who is proficient in SAP ABAP, SAP HANA, and SAP Fiori. It's crucial that the developer has a deep understanding of SAP systems and can bring creative solutions to improve our current setup. Strong communication skills are also necessary for understanding t...

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    I'm in search of an IT recruiter with specific skills and a keen understanding of what's required in potential candidates. Skills and Qualifications: - Proficient in identifying candidates with strong technical ski...specific skills and a keen understanding of what's required in potential candidates. Skills and Qualifications: - Proficient in identifying candidates with strong technical skills. - Experienced in sourcing candidates with in-depth system analysis, network management, and programming skills. - Must be able to spot candidates proficient in Java. Your main goal will be to find skilled candidates with technical qualifications and relevant work experience, specifically in system analysis, network management, and Java programming. Previous experie...

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    I've completed a console-based Tic-Tac-Toe game using C++ and I'm looking for someone to enhance it. Some key areas of focus: - Add Multiplaye...and I'm looking for someone to enhance it. Some key areas of focus: - Add Multiplayer Mode: Implement the functionality for two players to play against each other. - Integrate Difficulty Levels: Incorporate different levels of difficulty for the game, making it more challenging and engaging. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in C++ programming - Experience with game development - Familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts - Ability to follow an existing codebase - Strong problem-solving abilities You can find the existing project on my GitHub repository:

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    I am in need of a talented individual with expertise in database modelling to help me create a comprehensive database model.

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    I need an adept C# programmer to develop a console application with a keen focus on object-oriented programming (OOP). Key Features: - The software application must emphasize OOP concepts, especially encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance. - The project should exemplify how these OOP principles can be applied in a practical coding context. Ideal Skills: - Excellent understanding and application of OOP in C# - Experience in developing console applications - Detail-oriented programming approach, demonstrating the value of encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance within an application's architecture Please provide samples of similar work or detail your related experience in your bid.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a website with functionalities similar to SteamDB, though not an exact replica: Key Requirements: - Develop a website with a database for Steam games - Include most of the functionality of SteamDB (Tools, Database, Rankings, Tracking) with some changes - Make sure the site is not a clumsy copy but looks and can be used in its own way This project would require a developer with experience in: - Web development, particularly creating databases and interactive websites - Understanding of user experience design principles to ensure the site is easy to navigate and use For reference, SteamDB uses nginx, latest php, mariadb (and to a lesser degree: memcached and influxdb). More information can be found here: https://steamdb

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    Outlook Addin Icon Fix 6 天 left

    I've developed an Outlook Addin in C++ and have published it through ClickOnce Deployment. The add-in works fine but I'm having an issue with the icon not appearing in the Programs and Features section. Key Tasks: - Troubleshoot the missing icon issue. - Implement the necessary changes to ensure the icon displays properly in Programs and Features. Requirements: - Proficiency in C++ programming. - Previous experience working with Outlook Add-ins. - Familiarity with ClickOnce Deployment is a plus. - Experience in resolving icon display issues in Programs and Features section. The successful freelancer will need to work remotely to resolve this issue. This project needs to be completed in a timely manner.

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    I'm in search of a skilled PLC programmer, specifically experienced in basic control sequences and well-versed in Mitsubishi brand PLC. Required Expertise: - Deep understanding of Industrial Automation - Proficient in PLC programming with a specialization in basic control sequences - Hands-on experience with Mitsubishi PLC The right candidate must understand the industrial automation ecosystem, and should be able to create effective basic control sequences using a Mitsubishi PLC. Please bid if you match the above requirements.

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    I'm seeking a skilled database provider to create a non-residential Indian (NRI) database specifically for cold calling. This implies your expertise in data collection, collation, and organization would be paramount here. Key Requirements: - The type of database needed is for NRI with focus on their name and contact details. - Also, your proficiency in Microsoft Excel is highly desirable because the database should be formatted as an Excel spreadsheet. Desirably, you should have practical experience in creating comprehensive and well-structured databases. Understanding the best practices for cold-calling databases would be an additional asset. Your level of detail-orientation, accuracy, and respect for privacy and confidential information is also importa...

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    I'm in need of a skilled database schema expert who can assist me with the creation, modification, or validation of a database schema. Key Tasks: - Creating a schema for a new database, if required - Modifying an existing schema to meet my needs - Validating an existing schema to ensure its accuracy and efficiency Your expertise in database schema design and management is crucial for this project. Your understanding of data integrity, organization, and categorization will be highly beneficial. While the preferred programming languages aren't specified, proficiency in languages like JavaScript, Python, or PHP can be advantageous. Your ability to work with different programming languages will be useful in adapting the schema to my spec...

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    I'm looking for a proficient Arduino programmer who can modify my existing code to ensure tha...behavior to be altered. Key requirements and responsibilities: - The modified Arduino code should output DMX at a constant rate of 40Hz. - The DMX packets should be composed based on the last received ArtNET packet. - Testing of the modified code will be done remotely on a system with DMX lights and other equipment. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Arduino programming, particularly in the context of DMX output. - Strong understanding of ArtNET protocols and DMX packet construction. - Experience with testing and troubleshooting Arduino code remotely. Please bid with a clear outline of how you plan to tackle this issue and your relevant experien...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Microsoft Access expert who can help me recover a table in my Access 2010 database. Although I haven't received any error messages, I cannot access a table in the database and the issue may be related to a potential corruption. Key Points: - Database Version: Access 2010 - Backup Availability: A recent backup may be available, but this needs to be confirmed. - Error Messages: No specific error messages have appeared, but the database is inaccessible. The ideal candidate should have: - Profound experience with database recovery, particularly in Access 2010 - Knowledge of potential corruption issues and how to resolve them - Ability to work with and potentially restore from a backup Please apply with a brief overvi...

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    I am seeking a skilled AI specialist to create an intelligent routine that can compare totals in two of my ready-made Excel spreadsheets. This routine should focus on the daily account balances and be smart enough to highlight any discrepancy that emerges. Competency in AI programming and understanding of Excel functions are imperative for success in this project. Prior experience with finance-based projects utilizing AI would be an added advantage. Job requirements include: - Impeccable AI programming skills - Understanding of Excel's advanced functions - Strong attention to detail - Ability to create a seamless discrepancy identification system - Knowledge in finance is a bonus Importantly, this routine should empower me to effortlessly assess the alignment between ...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive database containing information about all General Practitioners (GP's) in a specific area in Sydney, Australia. Database to be provided in .CSV Key Inclusions: - Name and contact information of each GP - Clinic name and address for each GP Specifics: - The database should account for each individual GP working in the area. This information will be crucial for our business operations. Update Frequency: - I need this as a one-time delivery. Targeted Area: - The focus for this database is on specific suburbs in Sydney. Please ensure that the data is comprehensive and covers all relevant GP practices in these locations: Alfords Point Bangor Barden Ridge Bonnet Bay Bundeena Burraneer Caringbah Caringbah South Como Cron...

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    Hello, rust experts, I'm looking for a rust engineer who can debug the existing codebase and continue the programming on it. Please check the following materials and let me know your basic thoughts about the brief workflow of the current codebase. This is gonna be a very competitive job for Rust experts.

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    Monday to Friday Remote via Zoom 3 hours/day Timings : 7am to 10am IST or 8 pm to 11 pm IST Salary: 30,000 INR per month Note : One needs to be available in the mentioned timings and willing to work by screen share and remote c...The ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing applications using the Spring Framework, Vert.x, and a variety of other cutting-edge technologies. You will be responsible for building and maintaining high-performance, scalable applications. Required Skills Proficiency in Spring Framework and minimal use of Spring Boot. Experience with Vert.x for reactive programming. Strong knowledge of PostgreSQL and database management. Familiarity with Apache Ignite and GridGain for in-memory computing. Experience with Apache Kafka for real-time...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Forgerock developer to conduct a partial implementation of the Identity Gateway component. The following skills and experiences are vital: - Proven e...following skills and experiences are vital: - Proven expertise with Forgerock implementation. - Exceptional understanding and practical knowledge of the Identity Gateway component. Your role will involve working on a system that's partially implemented, and you're expected to further its development. Please provide proof of your previous work in Forgerock implementations. Should be Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Groovy, or similar languages used in ForgeRock development. Relevant certifications such as ForgeRock Certified Identity Management and Access Management...

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    I'm seeking a Facebook Graph API expert who can assist me with various tasks. Here's an outline of the project and wondering if this is possible. Brand has a page on fb and in a post they will invite their fans to post an image of themselves or family doing some activity. Their photo will be stored in some backend by fb business api or scraper. In backend ...Facebook Graph API and various access levels. In terms of access levels, the developer should have the ability to: - Read-Only Access: Limited to viewing data only, without any modification privileges. - Write Access: Ability to post content on behalf of users. - Admin Access: Full access to manage and control the API. If you have experience with the Facebook Graph API and have the necessary programming skills, ...

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to assist with ["creating daily email drafts and automating their sending via Excel and Outlook"]. The freelancer should be proficient in [relevant skills, e.g., "Excel VBA programming, Outlook integration"] and have experience in [specific requirements, e.g., "automating email workflows, creating templates"]. **Key Responsibilities:** - Develop an Excel spreadsheet with a button that, when clicked, generates a pre-defined email draft. - Integrate Excel with Outlook to automatically populate the email draft. - Ensure the solution is user-friendly and requires minimal input from the user. **Skills Required:** - Proficiency in Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). - Experience with Outlook integration and email a...

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    I am seeking a talented developer to construct a mobile application and corresponding website for managing and marketing events data. Key Features Required: - Both Android and iOS versions of the app - User registration and login system - Real-time event updates capabilities - Data visualization and reporting features Design Preferences: - A modern and minimalist approach ought to be impl...- Data visualization and reporting features Design Preferences: - A modern and minimalist approach ought to be implemented for both the app and website's aesthetics. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in both Android and iOS development - Solid experience in web development - User Interface Design skills to create a minimalist, modern look. - Expertise in data visualization and real-time updates p...

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    Cryptography-Enhanced Java 6 天 left

    ...and digital signatures. Key Project Details: - The main goal of this project is to develop a secure messaging system. This will require you to integrate these cryptographic aspects into the app's functionality, ensuring that the messages sent and received are encrypted, secure, and tamper-proof. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Java: You should have a deep understanding of Java programming, as the entire project will be developed using this language. - Cryptography Knowledge: Familiarity with encryption techniques, hash functions, and digital signatures will be crucial. You should be able to implement these elements effectively in the messaging app. - Mobile Development: Experience in mobile app development is a must, as the end product will be a mobile messag...

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    ...and submit it. - Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration: Integration of the code with Ethereum, Tether, and Binance Coin wallets which I've already set up for receiving payments. - Security: Ensuring secure and reliable transactions from the input form to the chosen wallet. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in JavaScript: As I prefer the payment code to be in JavaScript, knowledge in this programming language is essential. - Experience with Web3: A developer who has previously worked on projects involving web3 payment systems is a plus. - Cryptocurrency Integration: Familiarity with the Ethereum, Tether, and Binance Coin wallets and how to integrate them into a payment system. - Attention to Detail: As the input form only requires a basic amount input, accuracy in coding...

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    I'm currently on the lookout for a skilled ASP.NET professional who specializes in C#. My project is facing a couple of glitches, namely error messages and incorrect data display, which are affecting our system. In addition, the project also requires a proper connection of the database using SQL Server. So the right fit would be someone well-versed with database connection strings in SQL Server. As a successful candidate, you will utilise your experience to troubleshoot the issues and ensure a smooth project execution.

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    I'm in need of a Python expert to build a functional application for Windows. The specific functionalities were not distinctly mentioned, so a willingness to collaborate and adapt is highly appreciated. The application needs to be integrated with database systems, requiring proficient understanding and experience in managing and integrating databases. Ideal candidate skills: - Python programming - Expertise in building Windows-applications - Database management and integration - Collaborative, adaptive and communicative nature. Looking forward to receiving your bids and eventually working on this project with you.

    $312 (Avg Bid)
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    We are working on a project using Silicon Labs EFR32 Gecko Series and need a skilled developer to enhance its BLE capabilities and optimize its power consumption. Key Tasks: - Implement Bluetooth advertising - Incorporate a feature to reset the host device through BLE API Power Optimization/Batter...consumption - The battery readings from the ADC of the MCU need to be adjusted to account for voltage changes during charging/high power consumption from the peripherals of the PCB The ideal freelancer will have a strong command over BLE and power optimization techniques for our IoT device. Experience with Silicon Labs EFR32 series will be considered a significant advantage. Your expertise in programming and fine-tuning for low power environments will be crucial for the success of thi...

    $3795 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced Python developer to urgently assist with my project. Key Responsibilities: - Help with coding comprehension and syntax - Ensure the programming concepts are correctly implemented - Provide guidance to ensure the project is completed successfully and promptly Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and proficiency in Python - Strong understanding of programming concepts - Prior experience with debugging and troubleshooting - Ability to work under tight deadlines

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    ... - Source code and documentation. - Assistance with app deployment. - Post-deployment support for a defined period. Budget and Payment Terms: - The total budget for this project is $3000. - Payment will be made in a single milestone, linked to a single project phase. Required Skills: - Expertise in AI and JAVA. - Strong experience with mobile app development (Android). - Proficiency in programming languages such as JAVA and KOTLIN - Experience with UI/UX implementation. - Knowledge of app deployment processes. Attachment: - UI/UX design file Additional Notes: Please review the attached UI/UX file for detailed insights into the app's design and user flow. We encourage potential freelancers to ask questions and seek clarification to ensure a clear understanding of the...

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    ...capability for remote access, allowing me or authorized users to access it from a different location. Compatibility: The program should be specifically designed to work on Windows. It is a primary requirement for this project. Delivery Time: I need this program completed as soon as possible. A quick turnaround time is crucial for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in programming languages suitable for stealth program development - Experience in developing user-friendly interfaces - Strong background in data encryption methodologies - Previous experience in building programs with remote access capabilities - Extensive experience in Windows software development It is imperative that the completed program meets these specifications exactly, so only experienc...

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