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    873 how to market online for free 找到的工作,价格在 HKD "How to Master the Art of Getting Amazing Five Star Reviews" available in print, eBook, and Audiobook version. The book(s) is a lead magnet to a full system to help small businesses greatly improve and enhance their 4 and 5 star reputation online. Part of the sales funnel for this project is to contact small business owners direc...

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    Odoo SaaS Implementation 已经结束 left

    ...are planning to launch a SaaS service based on Odoo to allow the clients to subscribe and use a customized Odoo specifically tailored for the local market needs, Odoo SaaS Tools ([登录来查看链接]) looks like a good fit for this project, but I am open for other suggestions for SaaS solutions. I am trying to design the

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    Build A Website 已经结束 left

    Hello, I have been selling online for 18 years, and I currently have 4 websites set up on Joomla. I have a new product line targeted towards a specific market and I want to have a new website built to start from scratch make it more target market focused. I have very clear ideas of what should be included. I would like to buy a good Shopify template

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    ...My hobby is to develop trading systems for the stock market and so on. Now I have developed a great system for the crypto-currency market. What I can: - Is to develop and optimized trading strategies - I try to make old better and to find new - Also I can a little bit create websites with wordpress What I not can: - I cannot onl...

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    Android Engineer 已经结束 left

    We are looking for Android Engineers to join our Barcelona Office on a 6 months contract, there will be possibilities to extend the contract afterwards. We are Shedd - a fashion marketplace for regular people, stylish fashionistas, designers, and small businesses to post and discover unique, original, desirable, interesting and obscure fashion items

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    ...ebook to sell and need someone to promote and market it. The ebook is for "brick and mortar" businesses, not online ones. I need someone to go to relevant websites to post answers to questions to ensure I am an expert in the mistakes that businesses will make when first starting out. The ebook is over 70 pages and e...

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    ...and you work from home, the server is in Sweden but covers the globe. Each sold membership pay 20% of the total sum back to you. Before you apply: I have had contracted sellers here before and thought that anyone who applied for the job, was skilled. I was wrong and some thought it would be just paid telephone bills. This is a real job that demand a

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    ...We’ve been in business for over 10 years working with remote teams and operate a team of 15+ remote employees. We have a flexible and progressive company culture and provide our team extensive hands on training on the latest marketing techniques. This position will start on small tasks trials with the opportunity to transition to a part-time after a

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    Trophy icon Explainer Video 已经结束 left explainer video for my website. It is a job board. I want to make an explainer video as how it works for Recruiter. Can be completely graphical with just music at the back or can be an audio [登录来查看链接] Recruiter:- 1)- Welcome to Rekrutify 2)- [登录来查看链接] is an AI based online job platform that help recruiters to find the best available

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    Help me write something 已经结束 left

    I need you to write some articles. 10 General and specific articles for limousine transportation and services using the titles and keywords below --Native English writers --Experienced in limo business --Accepting USA/Canada/UK writes --Bid for 10 articles. 600-to-800 words each. --Perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation --Articles must be 100% original

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    ...and Video Editing? I am looking for a full-time (35 hours per week) Virtual Assistant to grow with my business. If you are looking for a full-time position so that you no longer have to scour freelance job sites looking for work, this could be the job for you. At the moment, I am a solopreneur in the online marketing space. I am a digit...

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    ...mercado, deberá considerarse dentro del presupuesto una vez que la app esté online, unos meses de servicio tecnico como respaldo a la misma. Tenemos un mockup para que se aprecie como queremos el sistema. Cualquier informacion adicional no duden en consultar. As free market, Olx or Amazon, they have a website and its corresponding app that in

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    ...WordPress. Why so advance? There will be 3 or 4 type custom post section. As example: Item: Actual Item Description Like what It Is. Place: Where It Can Be Found. Build: How To Build (If Multiple Build, All Will Be In Separate Post By Numbering) Others: Few other information from All three mention above. That Can't be describe now. Only candidate

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    ...the provider-website). Your task would be to extend elementor to be able to add formular-elements. I know that there are a lot of Form-Plugins available on the Market, but I need a custom Module. And I also know that Elementor has a Buildin Form-Widget, this also not met my requirements. ##What you need to do:## I want that you will create a Wordpress-Pl...

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    kashcrafts 已经结束 left

    ...kashcrafts im trying to built a platform for the fine artists of india where i can sell authentic indian art and crafts direct from the artisan. im working with this long and its going well but offline and we have a huge online market selling globally to the world with hussle free and genuin products.i want somebody guide me how to do this...

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    Project Description General and specific articles for limousine transportation and services using the titles and keywords below --Native English writers --Experienced in limo business --Accepting USA/Canada/UK writes --Bid for 10 articles. 600-to-800 words each. --Perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation --Articles must be 100% original and high

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    We are looking for creative developers that can help us brainstorm how to build an online community (in crypto niche) where we can grade ICOs on non-traditional method. Nowadays we see many ICO experts having a spreadsheet and Youtube channel. We do want to change this game by grading ICOs not by just one ICO expert but as a whole group experts.

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    Trophy icon Script Edit / Rewrite (2-3 minute video) 已经结束 left

    I need the following script edited. It's for an animated explainer video for Couple of things learnt so far… I like the general flow of the original script so I’m not looking for a major rewrite. But it’s way too long and needs to be reduced down to 300 words or less. (I can't change the title so I can�...

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    Hi, Below are my job requirements. My target market : Affluent students/parents who want themselves/their children to score well in exams. What I'm offering : Online tutoring with guaranteed results. We will set acceptable benchmarks before the tutoring begins. Subjects : Accounting , Business Studies. Level : Professional, Degree, College

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    Important: Only for freelancers from the Philippines Ninja project is an affiliate program targeted to help individuals, freelancers, developers, and even students to earn extra income. How does it work? Check this out [登录来查看链接] Benefits: 1. Network partner PayTabs is building a network of partners to grow a world of cashless

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    Content writer 已经结束 left

    We require a freelancer to write some SEO content on 16 categories of an industrial machinery trading website that we own The categories are: 1. CONSTRUCTION 2. ENGINEERING 3. HANDLING / LIFTING 4. PRINTING / PAPER 5. ELECTRICAL 6. AGRICULTURE 7. FOOD PRODUCTION 8. FACTORY EQUIPMENT 9. HEALTH / MEDICINE

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    Hello, I am representing European company that's going to start-up a new branch in the UK. They manufacture and trade with roman blinds, roof blinds, electric curtain tracks/poles and similar products for both individual and business/industrial customers. They also produce their own systems and have some exclusive solutions that are patent protected

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    In addition to the $100 prize, the winner (and possibly others) will be offered a weekly gig to write for The Daily Bell, with compensation ranging from $50-100 per article, depending on the quality of the initial submission. I am looking for an article somewhere around 500-1000 words. This article needs to be about a topic relating to individual

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    ...We’re a niche, gluten free food manufacture that uses hemp seeds as the main ingredient in our product line. Hemp seeds are a plant based protein food source that provide maximum nutrition with minimum consumption. They're packed with vitamins & minerals and a balanced omega profile that provides the body with what it needs for healthful body function

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    Webentwicklung 已经结束 left

    ... The application is mainly focus on to do, and what to do system such as hanging out with other people from other regions within or outside the country bars- festivals, clubs, church, events, universities, schools, shops, birthday, marriage, resturants, hotels, bus stations, coffe shops, mcdonalds super market and many more are included place, cities

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    ...your talents to the community of live video streaming, GO LIVE and share with friends and followers. The app is about to have a UK marketing launch so are looking for english speaking content providers. The challenge or the fun part is to come up with interactive and engaging live shows that will keep your audiences coming back for more. This

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    Dear Free Lancers, I am looking for a person who can give me a summary report on online marketing in Europe. Note: This is a very simple project with a high paid salary. You need to just conduct a small desk research to solve the below-given topics. Time Period: 5 DAYS. Deadline is on 7th December 2017. I need the information before 18:00HRS

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    Hi, We have a online article submission website. We want to make this website very popular and useful to the visitors. For this reason we need a business analyst to make research paper on how can we run the website smoothly. The freelancer will do the following things................ 1. The freelancer will make excellent article posting guidelines

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    Online Marketing Training 已经结束 left

    This project is for training on different ways of online marketing. The scenario is that we need to build skills to be able to market and sell products on an ecommerce website. We are mostly concerned about the skills to be able to sell 100 items in one month "PROFITABLY". I will answer few questions below: 1. What is your webs...

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    About the Logo We are looking for a unique logo icon idea, that will grasp people's attention and enter their heart and mind. I would like to get a logo design that lasts with consumers, It has to be attractive and meaningful yet unique! Refer to [登录来查看链接] Logo as an example and you will find how simple and meaningful the icon design is. Their

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    ...need to Market and grow our Online Portal (website) and increase the user database and add more freelancers from Asian countries. We are looking for ideas and offers on how to increase our user base with your expertise in digital Marketing or Organic solutions. We will be appointing many contractors, so feel free to shoot us your ideas...

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    Hire a Blogger 已经结束 left

    ...starting an online business. For eg - How to start an online business for beginners How to create a second income How to be an entrepreneur in 2017 7 signs you need a side hustle Im not tech savy - can I still make money online? (open for ideas) Target market - beginners - I would like the artic...

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    54 竞标 - BovenIJ Hospital and write a paper to address ALL of the following discussion points: 1. Identify the key IT infrastructure challenges at BovenIJ Hospital before using Huawei Campus Network Solution. 2. Discuss, with concrete evidence from the case study as well as additional research on your own, on how the solution proposed by TenICT and Huawei's

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    19 竞标 - BovenIJ Hospital and write a paper to address ALL of the following discussion points: 1. Identify the key IT infrastructure challenges at BovenIJ Hospital before using Huawei Campus Network Solution. 2. Discuss, with concrete evidence from the case study as well as additional research on your own, on how the solution proposed by TenICT and Huawei's

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    ...platform exclusive to the high school market. Fans can buy their tickets online and show them at the high school event - no more printing out paper tickets or waiting in line at the door to purchase with cash. We're looking to have (3) animated videos created for us that depict the following items (ideally one 45-60 second video for item #1,...

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    What I'm look to get made i market online . How to make money with these programs i promote , three in all with maybe about 10 links but the overall thing is to have my main 3 programs show cased on the website and i want a resource page show casing links that i will give you . You have to be able to work create on the fly if you know w...

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    Social Media Marketing 已经结束 left

    ...responsible to identify digital marketers who can help us promote our product online. We are a 5 year old global technology company, in operations in 198 countries. We are offering profit sharing compensation. You can take up the project FREE of cost from us and you get paid for every single sale that you close. There is no limit to how much you would

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    Content Writing 已经结束 left

    ...and care what is said to there pending markets. Right now we have a great little ecommerce business "fresh start-up" that is taking on Australia's Pet Care market space. This project is just the beginning for the very lucky applicant, if you love animal's and love to write in a fun and friendly way, then this project is for you. 90%+ of...

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    I need someone to creatively research specifics and formulate a step-by-step plan of how to set up an online casino. But, I have requirements. The business plan must meet these guidelines: -No upfront costs to set up (No upfront $/investment needed to start - "pay only from revenue")[this would include having a "free"-running web...

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    We are transitioning GlobeChat ([登录来查看链接]) from a Global Communications app to an app with a focus on Global Dating. Currently the GlobeChat app allows people to communicate with others anywhere in the world with instantly translated messages. The app is functional and an extremely useful tool, however right now it does not have a "wow" factor

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    ...need some help in collecting a large amount of data related to Hong Kong financial news. See the attached template as an example. Details: 1. Find some online financial news articles in Chinese (news database would be provided). Convert them into Simplified Chinese using some free online tools. The articles must satisfy the following criteria: -

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    We need you to design and build it. The website is membership based having free and premium accounts. We plan to launch the full version of the site by the end august 2017. Some of the sites could be launched by the end of July 2017. The site should be mobile/App friendly. ABOUT US: We make is easy and cost effective for companies to connect, interact

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    Market Research 已经结束 left

    ...willing to perform internet research on the US pizza industry. Specifically, I'd like to get information on the 'big four' (Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Dominos and Little Caesars) plus any additional information that might be common among smaller or independent pizza restaurants. Specifically, here's what I'm hoping to capture: 1. Trends in ...

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    ...advice on several matters: 1. Which software to create the Blog? 2. Which payment software to use to integrate with the Blog and PayPal? 3. Which email software to keep in touch with members? 4. How to monetise the blog to achieve at least AUD$20,000 per month? Our paid subscription service is for a monthly Report series with recurrin...

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    10 竞标 about how to make money online and sustaining income for young/apsiring. It will consist of 10 chapters and no longer than 200 pages background/introduction - this explains who I am and why I am writing this book. Where it all started. The introduction will also state the benefits of reading this book which are...... teach you how to make passiv...

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    29 竞标 the market research stage where I know exactly who my best niche market is but still don't know how to properly track them down online and how to initially approach them and get them to subscribe to my landing page. So, as the title of my project says I need a top expert who can help me generate leads out of my niche mark...

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    PPC CAMPAIGN FOR [登录来查看链接] About Us SugarFlame is a 100% free sugar dating site where Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas, and Sugar Babies can meet and interact. The service is discreet and private offering an interactive environment to both Sugar Daddies/Mamas and Sugar Babies alike. I am working on a PPC campaign for [登录来查看链接] and need someone

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    Marketing Specialist 已经结束 left

    ...based in Pune (MH, IND). We have our product ready. This product is an online platform for parking management and is free for use. I want a Marketing specialist, who can own the entire marketing, Share the passion that we have about the product and do the following - 1. Market / Customer Identification 2. Setup meetings and explain them about the product

    $2534 (Avg Bid)
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